[(writer + producer) - bullfighter]+ [(director + internet priest) - chemist] = Kemp

(Please check my math. I'm more of a word guy.)


Who?!? Kent Baldwin?!? No, I'm Kemp -- K-E-M-P -- Baldwin. I'm a freelance writer, director and producer living in Brooklyn. (Kent Baldwin is my nemesis. I also don't trust Kim, Ken or Kip Baldwin.) 

Tell me more. I created, wrote, and produced Don't Walk a Thundershorts Original web series, staring Max Silvestri. Check it out.

Yeah. And? I've helped develop a number of non-scripted TV shows, including AMC’s Story Notes, Spike’s Frankenfoood, and National Geographic’s Doomsday Castle.

Anything else? I was chosen as a Sesame Workshop Writing Fellow. (I met and wrote for Grover. He was cool.)

All right, already. My screenplay "Late Night With Grandma" was a Sundance Screenwriters Lab finalist.  

Please stop yammering on!  But I'm also an internet ordained priest and have officiated two weddings. Wanna get married?

I'm outta here.  Well, email me if you want to know more, see my resume or something.




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kempbaldwin (at) gmail dot com


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